Clubs & Organizations

Students of Reno High School have a long established tradition of involvement in school organizations and with athletic teams. Each student is encouraged to participate in at least one extracurricular activity that reflects his/her interest.

Advisor List

Freshman Class

    Advisor(s): Rebekah Mileo, Katie Broughton

    Student Council is designed to help students become leaders in the Reno High School Community. Members of Student Council plan and carry out school events for each of their individual classes throughout the year.

Sophomore Class

    Advisor(s): Michael Edwards

    Student Council is designed to help students become leaders in the Reno High School Community. Members of Student Council plan and carry out school events for each of their individual classes throughout the year.

Academic Olympics

    Advisor(s): Aaron Shoolroy

    AO is a club that encourages the brightest students at RHS to challenge themselves and compete against their peers in all academic areas in a friendly educational setting. Competitions include the semi-annual Knowledge Master, the annual Nevada Regional Science Bowl held in Las Vegas, and the County Academic Olympics competition. Reno High School has a long history of success in each of these competitions, most recently winning first place in the county AO competition and first place in the Nevada Regional Science Bowl for 2007. Practices take place Mondays at lunch in room R15. All students are welcome.

Vocal Motion

    Advisor(s): David Gaunt

Art Club

    Advisor(s): Molly Moore, Lauren Gandolfo

    Art Club is designed for students with an interest in the visual arts. Activities include visiting galleries and museums, making art, going to see films, talking with local professional artists, and organizing the Black Ivory Café (Reno High’s amazing talent show). Art Club meets every Tuesdays at lunch in IA3. Hope to see you there! Also we will be helping organize the Empty Bowls Project, participating in Young Bloods art shows at the Holland Project and hoping to work together on some school murals and other campus art works.

    Join REMIND:
    Text @aka4ff
    to: 81010


    Advisor(s): David Gaunt

College Club

    Advisor(s): Stephanie LeRude

    College Club is focused on helping college bound juniors and seniors learn about and navigate the college search and application process. The college application process, for many, can be a bit overwhelming. Our goal is to provide a casual forum for students to get the facts about the exciting opportunities available and, for younger students, to learn from their peers. We meet every Tuesday, at lunch, in the CUBE. The tentative schedule for our informal discussions is on the website under “College Resources” or available in the CUBE. Join us when you can and bring your lunch!

Company/Student Store

    Advisor(s): Craig Musni

Concert Band

    Advisor(s): Cowell Rachael


    Advisor(s): Hannah Davey

    If you are mesmerized by the glitz and glamour of the theatrical world, please come and join us every Tuesday @ lunch. Students will be exposed to all facets of theater and have a hands on learning experience discovering the joys of how to produce a show. Students will also learn the technical and performing aspects of theater while preparing for several shows throughout the year. Drama club students are expected to participate in each show in one way or another. Dependability and a flexible schedule are extremely important.

Environmental Club

    Advisor(s): Scott Huber

    One of the missions of our club is to engage students and empower them to be leaders and champions of environmental responsibility and overall sustainability. We meet every Wednesday at lunch in GB5 where we will plan activities centered in the community. Please join us!


    Advisor(s): Sue Rodriguez, Traci Scichilone

    Future Business Leaders of America is a nonprofit education association with a quarter million students preparing for careers in business and business-related fields. FBLA's National Awards Program recognizes and rewards excellence in a broad range of business and career-related areas. Through state-based competition at the spring State Leadership Conferences, students compete in events testing their business knowledge and skills. Top state winners then are eligible to compete for honors at the National Leadership Conference each summer.

Fiber Guild

    Advisor(s): Lauren Gandolfo

Film Club

    Advisor(s): Brent Busboom

Fly Fishing Club

    Advisor(s): Karl Kuhles

French Club

    Advisor(s): France Deschenes

Gender Equality and Justice

    Advisor(s): Chris McCart

    Are you passionate about human rights, gender equality, and social justice? Do you find yourself watching the news and wanting to discuss what’s going on in the world around you? Then come to R-14 every Thursday at lunch to discuss, learn, and explore with Gender Equality and Social Justice Club! All ideas are not only welcome, they’re accepted!

Gender Spectrum Group

    Advisor(s): Theresa McKillip

    On Fridays at lunch in O3, we meet to support each other in exploring and defining our genders. We discuss the feelings we have as we learn about ourselves, and find comfort in sharing our experiences.

Glee Club

    Advisor(s): Layne Babbitt

Go Gua

    Advisor(s): Marie Ramsey


    Advisor(s): Brad Naughton, Paul Goodfellow

Huskie Howlers

    Advisor(s): Brad Naughton

Huskie Community Service Alliance

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  • Are you an avid community volunteer? Would you like to perform community service but don’t know how to get started? Would you like to earn a Reno High School letter for your dedication to community service? And, finally, would you like to become eligible for a fantastic college scholarship? If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, please consider getting involved in the Huskie Community Service Alliance (HCSA). This new organization is in place to help get you started, to inspire you, and to give you a virtual place to record your valuable time and dedication to giving back!

International Affairs Club

    Advisor(s): Chris McCart

Interact Club

    Advisor(s): Chris McCart

Jazz Band

    Advisor(s): Cowell Rachael


    Advisor(s): Rick Camacho, Live Tau

Junior Class

    Advisor(s): Courtney Hansen, Brian Bolton

    Student Council is designed to help students become leaders in the Reno High School Community. Members of Student Council plan and carry out school events for each of their individual classes throughout the year.

Senior Class

    Advisor(s): Amy Beischel

    Student Council is designed to help students become leaders in the Reno High School Community. Members of Student Council plan and carry out school events for each of their individual classes throughout the year.


    Advisor(s): Brad Naughton

Key Club

    Advisor(s): Patricia Lucas

    Key Club is an international student-led organization which provides its members with opportunities to provide service, build character, and develop leadership. Reno High's Key Club works in partnership with the Kiwanis of Reno. We meet every Mondays at lunch in GB5.

Mock Trial

    Advisor(s): Laura Moberg

    The Mock Trial team is for students who are interested in speech and debate and the judicial system. Students involved with this team have a chance to work with real attorneys and judges. Tryouts are held in September and the regional competition is held in February. The State competition is in March.

Mountain Bike Club

    Advisor(s): Craig Lemons, Aaron Shoolroy

    The Reno MTB club is a place for bikers of all skill levels to come out and ride together. This includes new and just beginning bikers. Our season is from July 1-November 1, during this time we will ride 2x per week, Wednesdays and Saturdays. Riders can participate in four races , but racing is not mandatory. Because we have to get an outside insurance policy to cover each rider, there is a yearly fee to join the club.

National Art Honor Society

    Advisor(s): Molly Moore

National Honor Society

    Advisor(s): Paul Goodfellow, Theresa Shoolroy

    Students are inducted into Honor Society in April of each year. In order to be eligible for National Honor Society, a student must be a Junior with at least a 3.7 weighted GPA in good standing. Students who are inducted into National Honor Society are expected to complete community service hours during the school year.

Newspaper (The Red & Blue)

    Advisor(s): Christy Briggs

Nintendo Club

    Advisor(s): Craig Musni


    Advisor(s): TBA


    Advisor(s): Craig Musni

Science Bowl

    Advisor(s): Aaron Shoolroy

Spanish Club

    Advisor(s): Janet Brown

    This club is for students who like to speak Spanish, would like to practice Spanish, and have an interest in Hispanic culture. All students are welcome, no matter if you are an experienced, native speaker of Spanish or a beginner. We will focus on various topics each week, like geography, food, culture, trips we've taken or would like to take, and current events. Meetings will be student-organized and run. Some information will be given in English, but every meeting will provide the opportunity to speak Spanish. Meetings will take place at lunch on a day to be announced in Room R6. A president, vice-president, and secretary/treasurer will be elected at the second meeting. The Spanish Club will co-sponsor the Reno High's Night of Nations along with the Asian-Pacific Islanders Club. Co-Advisors of the Spanish Club are Sra. Hartman and Sra Phillips.

Speech & Debate

    Advisor(s): Christy Briggs

    Advised by One Diamond Coach Christy Briggs since 2008. Students interested in participating on the speech and debate team must be enrolled in either the Beginning or Advanced Speech & Debate class. This is a competitive team and students are required to participate at local tournaments throughout the year. The RHS speech and debate team has placed 1st in Northern Nevada for the last 21 years and consistently sends top ranked students to the National Tournament each summer.

Student Council

    Advisor(s): Brad Naughton


    Advisor(s): Chris McCart

Badminton Club

    Advisor(s): Courtney Hansen, David Ronan

    ’16-’17 President: Marissa Comcowich
    Contact Information:
    Courtney Hansen –
    David Ronan –

    Remind 101 Sign Up:
    Text: @dc341c6
    To: 81010

Bowling Club

    Advisor(s): Brian Bolton

    The Bowling Team was created for students interested in bowling for recreation. Look for announcements or see SGM Camacho in M2.

Asian Pacific Islanders

    Advisor(s): Live Tau

    The Asian-Pacific Islanders Club studies different ethnic groups from around the world with a specific emphasis on the Pacific Rim. Students learn about the geography, cultures and traditions of various ethnic groups throughout the year. Students need not be of a certain ethnic group as all are welcome to join this club. The Asian-Pacific Islanders Club sponsors a special fundraiser for scholarships as well as co-sponsoring Reno High's Night of Nations along with the Spanish Club. The Asian-Pacific Islanders Club meets in M-3 during lunch on Tuesdays.

Mixed Choir

    Advisor(s): David Gaunt

We The People

    Advisor(s): Richard Clark

    The "We the People" instructional program provides students with a co-curricular course of instruction on the historical development of our Constitution and the Bill of Rights and the basic principles of constitutional democracy. The program is designed to foster civic responsibility through the development of an understanding of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights and the fundamental principle and values they embody. The program also helps the student gain an understanding of the rights and responsibilities of citizens in our constitutional democracy. The "We the People" curriculum examines the following topics at levels appropriate for students at the senior high school/college level: Political Philosophy, history and experience, writing the Constitution, establishing the government, protection of basic rights, and responsibilities of citizenship.

Yearbook (Re-Wa-Ne)

    Advisor(s): Elizabeth Walsh

Young Democrats Club

    Advisor(s): Brent Busboom

Young Independents Club

    Advisor(s): Matt Ochs